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About Aspartame

8 March 2009 by: Justin Gareau 9 Comments

In this day and age, we are all aware of the global health issues around us: from a nationwide weight gain, to supposed scandals with « health checked food items ».  Although some of the products we consume are surely safe and healthy, like most fruits and vegetables (yes there can be debate over pesticides being used during growth), we shall look at one case worth discussing.

With the ever growing popularity of energy drinks and caffeine enriched drinks on the market, and our yearning for more general knowledge of what is truly healthy and what is not, why not take a look at one of those products, that has made an effort to help us make that healthy choice.  Coke Zero has made a stand for good health on the soft drink market, claiming that their drink is good for you, in that there are no carbohydrates (meaning no sugar), no traces of fat and no calories.

* (as a side note, we are aware of other similar products and are not necessarily blaming Coke in particular but everyone in the same basic group, Coke is only our exemple)

We are being sold a product that sells the idea that we can ingest something that will keep us awake or make us more alert, and yet not be harmful.  This is the perfect solution, isn’t it?  We are such a busy people, what with work, exercise and hobbies, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day or energy in our bodies to get us to accomplish everything we want too.  We look to coffee to get us up in the morning but it isn’t anything more than a wake-up drink… enter sodas and energy drinks offering a boost of energy and a thirst quenching taste.

Of course if they are taking that much of the original recipe out, they have to put something back in.  What they came up with (among other ingredients) was a little thing called aspartame.  Now I’m not the most knowledgeable person on any health issue, but I was surprised to learn what effects aspartame can have on the body if over used or even after regular consumption.  Here’s what they had to say at www.foodanddiet.com

Aspartame contains these following things:

-40% aspartic acid

-50% phenylalanine

-10% methanol

These things separate or together have very harmful effects such as

– cancer

– tumors

– diabetes

– emotional disorders

– insomnia

– joint pain

– memory loss

– migraines

– weight gain (strangely the opposite of what they say their product does)

– etc.

Now of course these effects might be a little extreme, and it is mentioned that for even the slightest side effect you must ingest at least 4 sodas a day. Looking at that list though, you have to wonder, why we let these products even get to the market?  We have come to expect side effects for pills, but are we really going to let it happen for foods and drinks as well?  We can also argue the validity of the effects, and the authenticity of the research behind it, but will we really keep drinking it?  And at the same rate some of us do, if we know it’s bad for us?  Well I know that right now, at 11:35 p.m. I’m going to need to stay awake to keep writing this… I think I’ll grab myself a Coke Zero…

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  • Vanessa said:

    Aspartame isn't the only thing to worry about in soft drinks. New research has found that soft drinks, especially energy drinks are loaded with the estrogen-mimicking chemical known as BPA. The chemical has been linked with hormonally linked illnesses like breast cancer.

  • J-DOG said:

    Wow, I didn't know that. Where did you get that info?

  • axavier said:

    If you want to find foods with or without Aspartame in them check out http://foodessentials.com – Here's an example..

    Diet Soda containing Aspartame: http://www.foodessentials.com/compare/Yogurt_-_

    But you can search the database for any ingredient, additive, allergen or nutrient.

  • Vanessa said:

    for more info on BPA…


  • Healthwatcher said:

    Aspartame is a debilitating neurotoxin that accretes in the cells of the body over years. Some people think 'It doesn't effect me' because they do not yet have the symptoms you have listed. But one day – out of the blue – that person may find they have tingling hands and feet, vision problems, and other symptoms that mimic MS and lupus.

    For those who are interested, I recommend checking out SweetRemedy.tv for more information about this. The woman who runs that site was diagnosed with MS and brain tumors, and was partially paralyzed after heavily ingesting diet soda for many years. When she gave up aspartame products she got better in six months. Her story is told in “Sweet Misery” and the follow-up film, “Sweet Remedy.” If you are interested in seeing those films, go to

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  • Melatonin Supplement  said:

    aspartame have some bad side effects too so be careful with it;.~

  • Flatware Sets · said:

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  • female reproductive system functions said:

    aspartame has some nasty side effects too plus its long term effects on health is still not known*   

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