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Can We Support Troops Without Supporting A War?

25 March 2009 by: Justin Gareau One Comment


This is a touchy subject. Not many people really even want to hear about it, especially here in Canada. But I think it’s necessary we talk about it because a lot of people usually take one side on whether any war should be supported. Now it’s never a good thing to support war, but lets say that in the case where we must, can’t anti-war supporters at least support the troops.

Lets get both points of view straight here. If you don’t like war, your normal. To me no one should ever like war. Unfortunately we are not in control of what our country does although democracy states that it is by the people, for the people… We all know this to be a load of crap, it’s more like by the party, for the party… And well, if you like war, well, go fight in it.

The thing is though that no one likes the middle. I have heard of anti-war people saying things like, “if they wanted to go and fight this war, they can die for it”. War-like people just root for the home team, not necessarily for the guys on the team, in fact its this bunch who probably cares less about the names of the fallen than the war haters.

This past week, 4 Canadians were killed in Afghanistan. Master CPL. Scott Vernelli, CPL. Tyler Crooks, Trooper Corey Hayes and Trooper Jack Bouthillier all gave their lives for people they love and people they will never meet alike. Like war or not these Canadian lives are never coming back. Luckily the newly elect Obama says he will retract much of the troops in the middle east in the next few years.

The problem with it all is that our disagreements on the purpose of war cause an internal dispute within the country, over something we cannot even control. A war within the war, at home, where we should be keeping the peace. Not only is disrespectful towards the fallen soldiers but towards everyone in your country, your friends, your family, everyone. Why create even more conflict than the one your nation is involved in.

I think war only bring more war, not peace, so instead of worrying about if we are “winning” or “losing” the war on terror, or the war on anything for that matter, I support our troops, even if I cannot support their cause.

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  • Melissa said:

    Hmm Im gonna have to agree with you.. I support our troops but not necessarily the war. Cuz I dont want our troops to die. I have friends in the army and some people i care about are in the army. So i will support them for their efforts. I just wish they didnt have to die. Cuz dying isnt fun :(. For all of those who have given there lives for their country i salute you. Your brave men and women.

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