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CNN: Its Not Information, Its Misinformation

27 March 2009 by: Frederick Carle 12 Comments


Ok this is becoming personal! I know that CNN is the worlds most watched news network and they really are everywhere. They do cover all the latest news. But let me tell you this! They SUCK at it. I cant believe so many people actually watch this for other than laughing at the reporters talking about everything but what it really is. Its better than a comedy show.

Every time they talk about the war in Irak you always get the feeling that everything is going well for the USA army and that things are moving forward. In fact it never was going good and if you ask me they just made things worst. But hey…if CNN says it thats what it is right? Take this example.

Carol Costello reports:

Obama’s impatience at a news conference over a question about AIG is a sign of Obama himself being on the defensive.

Ok so everyone go ahead and laugh your lungs out…

Seriously that was not Obama being on the defensive. It was just a slap in the face for a stupid question. Oh because reporters always ask intelligent questions…right? NOT

Sometimes I switch the channel to CNN just to see how badly they change the actual stories. They always put it in such a way that it will make people talk about it. And never for the good reasons. Take the example I gave you above; they make it look like as if Obama is struggling over a stupid question but in reality he’s in total control.

For CNN its always about whats not instead of what is. They even try to make the public believe that there is still no sign of change for the United-States. Well let me tell you this. Stop watching CNN and go to whitehouse.gov and get the real news and updates about Obama’s latest actions. You’ll realize that much as already been done and you’ll notice that change is already happening.

If you want things to change faster tell the Republicans, who by the way are giving their best efforts for NOT helping the United-States economy and its people, to let Barack Obama do is job.

I say its funny but in fact its really frustrating because so many people are brainwashed by CNN in such a way that they don’t even have a personnel opinion…its all about what CNN said.

CNN is doing so much of a good job at attracting viewers with their misinformation that other news network have to do the same to keep people coming back. I don’t understand why because if you ask me, I want to know the real truth and not what CNN tells me is the truth.

I need your feedback on this so leave us a comment in the comment section bellow. Thanks

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  • O-D-C said:

    Sorry Fred I dont agree. CNN as you stated is the worlds most watched news network especially in the United States, and as you know we are currently in a very deep economic recession, many MANY people have lost their jobs, these are the same MANY people that elected Barack Obama to 'change' things and get the economy rolling again and hencfeorth put money back in their pockets and food on their tables. So CNN is speaking to the masses, so when they show people gettign frustrated that the recession is getting worst and Barack's 'change' has not yet happened, its obvious he's going to draw some critisime. Obama's entire campaing was based on change, change that things will get better, and slowly but surely the cogs are moving in that direction, but the tried and true saying that it's always darkest before dawn applies, and when the darkest implies that you have no money, no job and no food well people tend to get a little impacient with the man running the show, who keep in mind has only been their for 66 days (time of the video).

    I dont think CNN skews with the truth, but they do have to report on whats happening, and right know people are STARTING to get impacient with the president, so thats news.

    And if you dont agree with me, well at least agree that their not as bad as FOX news 😛

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    I would say they are worst than FOX news!
    And the recession isn't worst since Obama became president. In Fact, its now becoming better. Instead of a 6.5% drop in the economy, it as stopped at 6.3% witch is awesome. This is due to Obama's actions. But this wasn't the topic of the post. I was stating that CNN is incredibly bad at reporting news. They can't even say it like it is. They always add stuff that makes no sense. I just hate them…

    People are so brainwash by them that they actually believe CNN is good news…Its totally unbelievable!

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    I want to add this… Just to prove how Obama is in control watch this video: http://www.360blog.org/2009/03/president-obama-

  • J-DOG said:

    No news is good news. How many positive stories do you hear on any news channel? Not enough if you asked me…

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    I totally agree with you J-DOG. Why don't we see any positive news on TV?

  • O-D-C said:

    Positive news dosent sell newspapers and dosent get ratings. Sad but true.

  • MiracleBlade3 said:

    Come on Fred, don't say CNN is misinformation and then tell us to go to whitehouse.gov, the message there is completely controlled (as it should be). Barack Obama is not a savior, and the republican are not some kind of axis of evil made out of retarded rednecks. I'm pretty sure you don't get your information on the canada's current government on http://pm.gc.ca/eng/default.asp do you ? I think CNN and fox news are crap but I don't think it's any better to ask the subject what he thinks of himself either.

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    I got to admit your right on this one… But can I say that I'd rather watch whitehouse.gov and know what the president is doing than getting misinformed by CNN or Fox news. But that doesn't mean that I'll necessarily take in consideration what he thinks of himself.

    Great comment by the way MiracleBlade! Thanks

  • Debra said:

    Amen kiddo, whoever you are, That is why I watchFox News. And BBC. Ask anyone outside the USA and they will tell you that CNN is the worst new broadcasting there is in the world. They are bias and most of the time they make everything look bad, the solders, christians, mulims, the president anyone. You see, negitive press gets people to watch their shows and yes it is a show for them. Entertainment and people actually believe anything it says, with no thinking on their own either way. So sad.

  • Debra said:

    The reason most people that hate Fox hate it is because they i admit are biased but also you get alot of real news and it is explained and that is why those that hate them really hate them lol

  • Chayo Zaldivar said:

    I just ran across your comment and I agree with you. This man will not be given a chance no matter what! However, just in my community alone (San Antonio,TX) I have already seen an increase in “shoppers” at our South Side Mall! I was in a bookstore this past weekend and a woman was leafing through a book that had the photos of the inauguraion – WITH TEARS IN HER EYES! She bought the book!!! We are all in awe of our new President and if each one of us would CONTRIBUTE (add our grain of sand, in the words of a common Mexican saying) towards energizing our economy – we would all benefit. We all know that mainstream media will feed us whatever they want us to believe, but I think that deep inside we KNOW this and will not be swayed – because as humans we have the instinct to RATIONALIZE, as the great philosopher Joaquin Trincado has pointed out in his books.

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