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Eggs: A Love Story…

11 March 2009 by: Justin Gareau One Comment


          Breakfast. Just one word, and its a sentence by itself. Your probably already dreaming about the next time you’ll taste those juicy perfect textured eggs… Ok, maybe your not, but since breakfast is the most important meal of the day (and my personal favorite), I thought we could talk about one of its main ingredients, eggs. Eggs are to breakfast what hockey is to Canada, miss it one day and you’ll never forgive yourself. Because of this, we humans have found countless ways to make our eggs, without counting the hundreds and thousands of recipes based on added ingredients or styles of eggs. I think it’s time we took a look at all of the basic ways to cook an egg, without having to add ingredients or creating a new recipe.


Sunny Side Up Eggs

          Probably the easiest way to cook eggs. All you need is a frying pan a stove and you can make that egg! For this method all we are doing is cooking underneath the egg until it is firm enough to eat, leaving the yolk still uncooked and liquid, so we can dip our toast.


Fried (turned) Eggs


          Very similar to the sunny side up egg except this time we will have to flip it and cook the top part. We have a choice to make here though, we can either: break the yellow and just cook it like the rest of the egg, or not break the yolk, leaving it liquid yet cooked on the top. Both are very good, but if you are making a sandwich with your eggs, leaving the yolk uncooked will probably get you a pretty good mess to clean up, but then again its up to you.


Hard Boiled Eggs


          This type of cooked egg will need different equipment than the fried or sunny side up egg. Here we need to take a pot that will have sides high enough so that the eggs are completely submerged. It’s probably a good idea too put the eggs in the pot before we start boiling the water, this way we avoid dropping the eggs in the water and maybe getting a splash of boiling hot water. This method of cooking eggs does not require we break the eggs until they are done cooking. Now, not all stoves cook at the same temperature but luckily the boiling point stays the same, so when the bubbles start to fly set your timer for 12 minutes. When the time is expired its time to start the fun! On a side note you can also have a bowl of cold or room temperature water to dip the eggs in to cool them down a little faster so as not to burn yourself. If you don’t mind the heat, get cracking!… er… peeling! Now we can enjoy many recipes with these eggs or just give em’ some salt and pepper, all methods are good.


Poached Eggs


          Now we are starting to get a little fancy. You basically use the same type of equipment as the hard boiled egg, but this time maybe a bit larger pan would be better. This time though we will be breaking the egg either into the simmering water or into a bowl that we will then empty into the simmering water. Cook for 2-4 minutes (depending how liquid you want the yolk to be) and your poached eggs should be very tasty indeed. Since this may sound a little more complicated, I think it would be good to be able to see it. Look at the video below to learn a few tips along the way to making some pretty nice poached eggs.


Deviled Eggs


          For these eggs, we have the same cooking pattern as the hard boiled eggs.  Once the eggs are cooked and peeled we are ready to begin the process of making them “deviled”.  First we must cut the egg, top to bottom with an non serrated knife (no points, just a smooth blade).  Then we must gently squeeze out the hard yolk, we can also use a spoon to help pry them out but be careful how much force you use, we wouldn’t want to damage the  white.  At this point you must choose a recipe.  For a few ideas try one of the 9 recipes on this web page, dedicated to deviled eggs.



Scrambled Eggs


          Had to save the best for last!  These eggs are relatively simple to make.  We break the eggs into a bowl, break the yolks and mix with whites until whole mix becomes yellowish.  Next we can add milk for a slightly juicier egg and a bit bigger portion.  Finally we cook them in a frying pan until texture is as desired.  Nothing to it.  


          Eggs are simple to make, delicious, healthy and you can even buy free run eggs, meaning the eggs were laid by healthy free living chickens.  And to make breakfast, or whatever meal complete, don’t forget to add eggs best friend, bacon… but that’s a whole other story, for a different post altogether.  For some ideas on recipes available on many types of eggs, please visit the following site.


 Hope you find the eggs-act recipe your looking for!



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