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Philips Master LED Light Bulb

9 March 2009 by: Frederick Carle 21 Comments

philipsledPhilips came up with a really cool light bulb lately. It’s called the Master LED light bulb. It is currently selling in Europe and will soon be available in the North-American market in July. The master piece will be selling for $50 to $70. Expensive you think?

In fact, the Master LED can last up to 45 000 hours. That is a 60 times longer lifetime then your conventional light bulb which is 750 hours in average. So if you live in the United-States and you pay big money for your electricity, it just might be worth the money.

I would like to know how expensive it would be to equip the White House entirely with Philips Master LEDs. I bet it would be many thousands of dollars to do so.

I hope Al Gore will do this for his “eco-friendly” mansion.

Drop us a comment and let us know what your opinion is on this one.

Via: Engadget

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  • Andy said:

    That's great that it lasts a long time, but is there any energy savings, or am I just paying for one $70 LED bulb instead of ten or twenty $5 LED bulbs? The article suggests an energy savings – -is there any as opposed to current LED bulbs?

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    I think the current LED bulb aren't really great in terms of brightness… but there is close 90% of saving in energy consumption.

  • Christopher said:

    What's the Lumen (candlepower) rating?

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    I think its around 150 Lm….it only uses 7 watts by the way… thats awesome

  • Jack Hobson-Dupont said:

    LED light is so white that it's harsh. For those of us with Seasonal Affective Disorder, we need the warm yellow of incandescence.

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    mmm… I never heard of this before…thanks for the info

  • Jack Hobson-Dupont said:

    Yeah, Fred. I don't know what's going to happen to me when incandescent light bulbs are phased out over the next four years. Fluorescent light instantly affects my mood negatively, but the stark white light of LEDs plunges me into depression, almost a state of horror. Fortunately, I know that the source of the perception is the light, not myself, but still, it's an awful thing to experience. And to think that within a few short years, I'll have to deal with this on a daily basis. People who don't have this condition think it's bullshit. “Hey, just get over it! Just deal with it!” i wish it were so easy…. *sigh*

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    Wow!!!…That an awkward condition. Would you be able to put like a screen or something over the light so it become more on the yellow side.

    Oh and by the way I think I'm gonna do some research about this condition and write an article about it. If you can give me a lead it would be nice.

    Thanks Jack

  • Andrew Spagnoli said:

    LEDs can be made to put out light at whatever color you want. There are LEDs of all different color, lumen output, size, etc. “White” LEDs can be designed as “warmer” or “cooler” or the same as a typical incandescent (2,650 Kelvin). There are also LED systems that can output variable whites just like a dimmer dial for the amount of light that halogen and incandescents have had for years… with that you could get one color for reading, and another for painting, and a third for when you work on the computer…By the time that incandescents are gone the LED, CFL, and other new lighting technologies will be able to deliver the better quality of light that users expect, and that those with certain health or mood issues depend on for quality of life.

  • comealia said:

    The only fault that I can see with the bulbs is that the light is not emitted 360 degrees, like the incandescents, so it can take multiple lights within the room to achieve the same light coverage.

    Lambent Vision manufactures 360 degree LED light fixtures and only one will light the entire room, just like the incandescents do..

  • darcylars said:

    The Philips Master LED light bulb looks cool and stylish.Thanks to Philips for manufacturing LED light bulbs which will arrive shortly in Asia,and provides good levels of light and Cost saving energy.

  • dan said:

    Nice but non functional. Philips just pulled this product from all distribution in the UK and other parts of the world. Heat problems causing lower lamp life than claimed.

  • LED Morgane said:

    Even if it can be expensive to get LED light, I'm sure that at the end, we all save energy and money. I use it myself and I'm very happy with this system!

  • jamesss said:

    Energy efficient light bulbs are the easiest first step consumers and businesses can take towards reducing their energy consumption. Products have gotten light years better in the past few years and, in my eyes, indisputably better for 99% of applications. Both CFL and LED light bulbs run much cooler than incandescent bulbs, use energy much more efficiently, and do offer saving on your electricity bill. I am a vendor of energy efficient bulbs, so perhaps I am a bit biased, but I don't know why everyone doesn't switch today.

  • valerio vinaccia said:

    I think the right way is not to try to simulate the original bulbs using LED, perhaps this can be right only for the phase of “transition”.
    You can also design LED lamps, working from the beginning to use the light source LED, getting the best.
    We are working at this theme for a couple of years, take a look at:

  • Network Security : said:

    light bulbs these days are getting replaced by compact fluorescents and LED based ones, original incandescent bulbs are power h _

  • Laundry Bag · said:

    incandescent lights uses too much electricity compared to compact fluorescent lamps .

  • NLP Courses · said:

    LED Lights are cool to touch and they do not have filaments that fail frequently `

  • Knife Sets said:

    light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat *`:

  • Led eco lighting said:

    They certainly look slick. Hopefully the price will come down after the hype. <a href="http://www.ledecolighting.com.au&quot; have a huge range of led products.

  • par 20 led light bulb said:

    LED’s are lights of the future…they are a more efficient and economic solution to all the lighting problems…

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