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The Hunt For Sunday Breakfast

29 March 2009 by: Justin Gareau 4 Comments

Little did I know that when I woke up this morning I would be in a battle with pure evil. It was a dark and dreary day and the rain fell like bullets onto the windows ledge, creating a machine gun sound. Though the weather was awful the day did not announce to be, until the grumbling started, not thunder, but the growl of a stomach yearning for attention…

The plan was simple : take myself and a friend to what should be a nice brunch. All we had to do is decide where to go, and as we were in no mood to dink around looking for a place to go we agreed on Cora’s, and that’s when it got ugly.

We left at 11:45 a.m. hoping for a massive feast since we were 2 pretty hungry guys at this point. We arrive at Cora’s and find a nice parking spot close to the door, because we’re also trying not to get too wet on the walk to the place. And then we opened the door… and thats where we stopped. We could go no further, the lineup was past the first door and approaching the doorway we were standing in. We couldn’t believe it, it would be over 45 minutes of wait if we were going to ever get breakfast there and that would just be to sit down. The worst part of all though was the fact that there were empty tables! We could not wait, the hunger was too much. Confused and hungry we had to look for another option, so we headed to another franchise like breakfast place called Perkins. The parking seemed pretty full but since the place was huge we figured i’d probably be half empty anyways, but we were dead wrong. Filled to the door again, this time we couldn’t even see tables! In a fit of rage we set off again to what should be an empty Cora’s in a different part of town, after 15 minutes of getting every red light to get there we arrive and glance at the front door to see if we can spot people in line near the entrance, it seems clear. We walk up to and open the door. The waiting room is split up into 2 lines going on each side, both full right up to the door. We consider waiting this one out, realizing that if we’d of stayed in the first Cora’s we’d be eating by now. We look to our right, and this is where we see 4 empty tables out of the 6 on that side. We quickly leave head back to town for a pit stop before continuing our search. We find a Rockin’ Johnny’s Diner and figure they might not have breakfast but they should at least have lunch, which we’ll settle for because at this point it’s past 2 p.m. So we go in and there is actually room to sit (and a few cute waitresses… er… I mean servers (because we must be politically correct))! We are given the menus and I open the first page. Low and behold there is breakfast at this place! And in fine print it reads, breakfast is no longer served after 12:30 p.m.. I broke down into sob… All this fooling around and we could have drove here in 5 minutes from home. After getting a hold of myself i flip the page and start crying again, on this page they offer breakfast all day.

Now if you haven’t figured it out yet Cora is the evil I spoke of. I still can’t believe even for a franchise that it would be so understaffed that it would let tables be empty, thereby decreasing profit and customer satisfaction, for 1 person’s salary. That to me is just despicable. So I will vow never to go to any major franchise for breakfast ever again, unless it is absolutely necessary, and especially never Cora’s.


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  • fredcarle said:

    Awesome story J-Dog… I like. Even if I don't agree with the Cora being evil, I do agree with you on the fact that going for breakfast on sunday morning is an adventure of its own.

  • Melissa said:

    Lol that sucks about trying to find a place to have breakfast. You think it would be a simple thing to do find a place to eat breakfast. But unfortunately for you it wasn't simple at all.

  • Adam said:

    Nice story J-dog, quite the morning adventure if you ask me, lets face the facts sunday breakfast around10am – 12pm forget any big franchise, if you get a chance you can try Melo's downtow pretty sick place if you ask me, and great food for cheap! 🙂

  • O-D-C said:

    Ah what a day this was.

    Finally getting to eat at Rocking J's was great, It might have been raining outside but it was sunshine in my heart.

    And yes Fred, Cora is evil.

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