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Top Ten Players In The NHL Today

12 March 2009 by: Justin Gareau 17 Comments


Instead of debating whether one specific player is better than an other in any specific category, lets compare them in every category to find out who are the 10 best players in the NHL today.

10. Nicklas Lidstrom, Detroit Red Wings, Defenseman


Maybe the best defenseman in this era of hockey. Has 1300 + games under his belt, 6 Norris trophies and 4 Stanley Cups… need we say more?

9. Mike Green, Washington Capitals, Defenseman


Sure he might not be as proven as, say, Nik Lidstrom, yet, but we cannot deny the numbers he’s put up this season (58 pts in 55 games). Not to mention setting a new NHL record (for a defenseman) by scoring in 8 consecutive games. He’s surely a nominee if not a favorite to win the Norris this year.

8. Ilya Kovalchuk, Atlanta Thrashers, Left Wing


Always in the top scorers list by season’s end, Kovalchuk has speed, hands and an eye for the back of the net. Some might say a lack of talent on his team’s roster hinders his performance but the sniper seems to do pretty well in his own right.

7. Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks, Center


Photo by Burns! used under Creative Commons.

His size and strength are always a factor. There might not be a better puck controlling forward in the NHL especially along the boards, this and his playmaking ability make him an absolute offensive weapon.

6. Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks, Center


Photo by Burns! used under Creative Commons.

He plays with an edge, to say the least. This feisty Duck had a slow start to the season before climbing the point getters sheet to the top 12. He posses good all around skill and at 6’3” he is no pushover.

5. Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings, Center


Having a great season, he sits tied for 4th in league scoring, and having already been named the best defensive forward in the game (2008 Frank J. Selke trophy winner) he is also great two way player. He was great puck handling skill and is an underrated playmaker. His plus/minus will tell us just how good and how valuable he is.

4. Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames, Right Wing


The do-it-all guy for the Flames. He scores, sets up plays, takes big hits, makes even bigger ones, fights and plays a solid defensive game. He wears the “C” proudly on his chest and leads his team with heart and determination every night. Always among the league leaders in scoring and this year is no different even though some would say he had a slumpy year.

3. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins, Center


He leads the league in scoring with 95 points on a team on the bubble of the playoff cutoff. This big Russian can put the puck in the net with crazy dangles but can pass it off even better. He is also plus 19 this year, showing is isn’t really a defensive liability. He is becoming a more complete player as his career rolls on.

2. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins, Center


Third in league scoring, Sid the Kid is always among the top few. His vision is absolutely incredible, if you watch a game you will see that even his teammates cant believe the passes he can make, and it usually surprises them s much that they cant capitalize on all the opportunities. Crosby has had a few nagging injuries this season, but when he plays you can bet he makes a difference on the ice. He carries the face of the game on his shoulders and shows incredible amounts of tenacity that way.

1. Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals, Left Wing


Probably the purest scorer in the league, Alex is leading in goal scoring again this year after last years 65 goal campaign. This man has scored some of the most exciting and unbelievable goals you’ll ever see. He has a wicked shot, blazing speed with the puck, great hands and a knack for just putting that little black piece of rubber through the pipes behind any goalie. He always makes you say, “what will he be able to do next”. I’m not sure if anybody loves hockey more than this young superstar.

There are a lot of players that could have been on this list, but in my opinion the 10 best as of right now are there. Honorable mention goes to : Zack Parise, Mike Richards, Marc Savard, Patrick Marleau, Rick Nash.

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  • O-D-C said:

    umm Luongo…

  • J-DOG said:

    I think it's players as in “skaters”…

  • Brad said:

    Ove defense is so overrated. Hitting does not make you a good defender. Also he takes defensive plays off a lot (see game 2 against the Rangers as he watches Callahan score the goal while standing up skating into the zone).

    Datsyuk is the best two way player in the league then Crosby, Richards should be on this list as well as Zetterburg. Ove shouldn't even be in the top 20. This list is a joke.

  • Brad said:

    Also Mike Green? Have you watched him play defense!?!? He is average at best. You have him ahead of Lidstrom?!?!? This article is obviously offensively biased! Hell Green shouldn't be on like list if Gonchar and Pronger aren't.

  • J-DOG said:

    Yes this list is offensively biased. Yes ovie is a poor defender, I never said he wasn't. Of course Richards and Zetterberg would be on here if it was a defensive forward list. Don't bash the list just because it isn't defensive minded, it only proves you're biased towards defensive forwards… Pronger hasn't played well in the last few years IMO and Gonchar's been hurt along with a few others. I must say though, Ovechkin is +8 at season's end, Crosby is +3, wouldn't that make Ovechkin just as solid defensively as Crosby, taking into consideration the poor defensive defencemen and goalies playing behind both of them? Mike Green was +24 this year btw, and will probably win the norris… Zetterberg was +13…

  • dylanM said:

    i would put chara instead of green, if you ask me.. also you didnt put any goalies on the list..

    id put lundqvist thomas luongo and kirpusoff up there.. if it was based on last season..

    and id put kovalchuk and number 2.. and crosby at 4.. and malkin at 3.. cause malkin and crosby had good line mates to play with.. they both had 30 goals and 70 assists or so… kovalchuk had 10 more goals than them, with no help.. i think hes a better player..

    and i agree with ovie at number 1… it comes don to scoring goals, and he can do it like no one else…

    another honorables for me that you didnt put would be zetterberg and richards…

  • dylanM said:

    and eric staal… forgot about him… hes an honorble too..

    and i know last year wasnt great for them.. but gaborik is one of the best players in the nhl and heatley is third in scoring since the lockout behind ovie and kovalchuk…

  • Implying said:


    Mike Green and Illya Kovalchuck in the top 10!

    Instead of Semin, Richards, Zetterberg, Chara, Parise, Marleau or Carter!

    No goalies (Luongo, Lundqvist or Brodeur)!

    Getzlaf better than Thorton!

    Crosby better than Malkin!

    This list is horrendous, yet it is the number one search returned by google. How can this be? Why is such ignorance promoted?

  • ove is good said:

    Ok brad you are totally wrong because Ove has been outstanding. The caps are going to win the Stanly cup this year ove has been mvp 2 seasons in a row i would like to see Datsyuk do that oh wait he cant cuz he is not that good! i forgot
    Crosby is just good because he waits by the goal and waits for the puck. Atleast ove can score on his back and while he is falling down. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzbmI6-YSnQ see this and you will see were im coming from oh and when i looked that up it said also try incredible and amazing. ove should be top ten all time

  • Adam said:

    how about Stamkos?????

  • Gay said:


  • HockeyGurl said:

    Seriously Brad,
    I totally agree with ove is good….. Ovechkin is one of the top rated players in the NHL. he’s got skill too. no doubt he’s better than Crosby. You just have no eyes, ears, and taste for NHL players.

    GO OVE

  • dave gino said:

    where is stevon stamkos BESTB PLAYER PLAYING

  • Jeremy said:

    I agree with Ovechkin and Crosby being on the top 2. Another list I saw had Crosby first because he doesn’t get to play with other star players like Ovechkin does. Other than that, it is a decent list and of course people will complain because really everyone has different opinions and also tend to be biased based on where they live. Like me, for example, would have Toews at the No. 10 or 9 mark.

  • Nate H said:

    Lidstrom should be up on this list.. Also, he has 7 Norris Trophies. Datsyuk should be higher to, He is a selfless player and is one of the best, if not the best two-way player in the league.

  • Ovechkin said:

    1. oveckin 2.stamkos 3.datsyuk 4.lecavalier 5.crosby 6.chara 7.malkin 8.pronger 9.green 10.semin but ovechkin it’s are the best player in the world <3

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