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Diablo 3 : Blizzard, How Could You…

7 April 2009 by: Justin Gareau 4 Comments


If you follow video games or gaming on any level, chances are you’ve at least heard of Blizzard, if not dished out some dough for one of their games. They are perfectionists to a fault. When they make a game they might as well make it a ten year financial plan because the games sell, and are usually played for as long as it can (we know that pentium 2 level game is good, but please move on). Of course that’s IF the game comes out! Does “Starcraft Ghost” ring a bell? It was delayed countless times and held up for what, 3 years, before being “delayed indefinitely”. Well I hope Blizzard had fun testing an playing the game we all wanted, because we sure didn’t appreciate the wait.

Now Blizzard has already announced Diablo 3, or D3 for short, in 2006 i believe. Diablo 2 was released in 2000 as a dark-themed hack and slash game, and was absolutely epic for the fact that you could play online with anyone around the world on battle.net (gaming server). There are still masses of players still active today, 9 years after its release… So of course with the games following, (and Blizzard’s) when they announced another game in the series fans could rejoice. 2 years later and no release dates announced we are all wondering how we can still be interested in being toyed with: “every once in a while they release a new character!”, we are so whipped.

However, maybe the grandest deception of all is still in the making. Ever since Blizzard showed us a glimpse of gameplay on youtube people have been up in arms. What they are worried about is that Blizzard has become a victim of their own success. WoW (World of Warcraft) is an amazing game that Blizzard still spends time upgrading and patching to add to the experience, and that’s not even including the expansions. Unfortunately, Blizzard doesn’t understand that we, the gamers that loved the hack and slash, 2D, P.O.S. graphics, dark and dreary setting of Diablo 2, want the same, upgraded version in D3. They instead seem to be happy deceiving a few million people in favor of profits, making more of a WoW 2 than a D3.

We do not want flower’s, powder puff

Here’s what Diablo 3 is giving us..

What we got in Diablo III:

– Cartoon’ish art direction, obviously influenced by the Warcraft universe, Diablo isnt Warcraft.

– Hand made, pastel looking textures with bold lines, defined contours, smooth colors and clean shapes.

– Dungeons with a blue/green environment lighting, technique used in cartoons to depict a dark, creepy and scary feeling but once again, this is Diablo, a mature game, dungeons should have a dark aura with the occasional lights from candles, just like we got in the previews Diablo’s.

– Character models defined by cartoon characteristics like over-sized and exaggerated parts, vivid colors and unrealistic elements, almost directly taken away from World of Warcraft and pasted to Diablo.

– Outside scenarios with vivid colors, beautiful forests with colorful vegetation, shinny and beautiful waterfalls where even rainbows take place.

– Cartoon’ish and unrealistic weaponry and armory, over-sized and stylish armors, over-sized weapons, items that look pasted directly from World of Warcraft.

– Blocky, cartoon’ish graphic elements like big, over-sized fire braziers in dungeons, heavily influenced by the World of Warcraft art style, over-sized and cartoon’ish scenario decorations like smiling statues, Warcraft styled architecture and decorations. 1″

Here’s a list of what we want out of Diablo 3…

“What we want:

– A darker, gothic, cryptic and creepier environment.

– A more realistic artistic direction, more independent from the Warcraft universe art direction.

– Darker dungeons without a blue/green environment, Diablo dungeons are dark and shadowy.

– The return of the light radius / shadow system from Diablo 1 and 2, a concept modified picture made by me roughly shows and suggests how the shadow system should work on Diablo 3: http://i31.tinypic.com/2zta5o7.jpg

– Slightly less colorful and less vivid outside scenarios, they are too heavily influenced by the World of Warcraft ones.

– Darker and less colorful landscapes, Tristam never was colorful and beautiful: here’s how it looked in Diablo 1 (before the evil was released across the lands): http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/5194/tristram2jh.jpg

– And most importantly: An independent and renewed artistic direction, not a recycled art direction taken from the Warcraft world, Diablo never was meant to be as cartoon’ish as Warcraft, they shall have independent and distinct styles, this isnt happening in Diablo 3, at first sight it looks like a remake of World of Warcraft, graphically and artistically speaking.

– Example of the heavy influence from World of Warcraft that we dont think it fits the Diablo universe: http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/6795/diabloiii20080628035157dw4.jpg and http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/_images/screenshots/ss9-hires.jpg 2″

Here are some examples of what we mean :



How strongly do the Diablo fans feel about all these things? Well by clicking on this link, you can sign a petition against the current direction of the game. There are also some links to more examples of the games looks and suggestions on the petition page, along with other info.

Quote : 1, 2
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  • O-D-C said:

    Bah, I think it looks fine, people who want Diablo II, should go play Diablo II, its out NOW! Diablo III and World Of Warcraft are made by the same people, and if something worked in WOW why not put it in DIII

  • J-DOG said:

    They have different names for a reason, they should be different games. Why don't we just make Mario look like WoW, or have every commercial look the same because it looks good? Sure from Blizzard's point of view profits are profits, but it's boring as heck watching gaming companies sell the fans out time and time again, they finally messed with a big enough crowd this time for people to take notice. I bet if they did this long enough people would just stop buying (games in general), it would get too repetitive and boring.

  • Rickster said:

    Did someone mention “Peter and the Wolf” ? after awhile the townsfolk stopped listening.-the same goes for Blizzard, people will stop buying.
    if you want WoW, play WoW, thats why its different than Diablo*
    I want the “…darker, gothic, cryptic and creepier environment,…” of D2/LoD extended technologically into D3. after all this time isn't that what Blizzard should have been doin'. ?
    And, if Blizzard wants to charge a monthly fee for D3 (like they do with WoW) then forget it. I'll be very happy playing GW -> GW2,… and other rpg/mmo games like that.

    Anyway, all this blah, blah, blah from Blizzard and critics/fans alike has been said for the last 5 years or so…I wouldn't be surprised if all the Blizzard-D3-developers get up and leave soon, hopefully to make a GW3.

    !!! Bottom line is, Hey Blizzard !, just bring this D3 home will 'ya !?

  • sigh said:

    one of the lead art designers already debunked your ideas for this. he clearly and systematically showed why and how it would look like shit if you got your way.

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