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360blog’s 7 Days Of E3 – Day 1 – A Look Back At E3 2008

27 May 2009 by: Alex St-Amour One Comment

E3 Day 1


Before We Start…

  Attention gamers! It’s that time of year again, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or for you cool kids, E3, is set for June 2nd to June 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For those who don’t know, E3 is the worlds largest video game convention, where hundreds of companies show off, announce and let you play their newest titles and products. Now I know what you’re saying, ‘this is all fine and dandy but how can I get to Los Angeles?’. Well fear not, because 360blog.org is here with a week-long E3 special. Here’s a rundown of our coverage for the week.

  • Today we will be taking a look back at the highlights of the previous E3.
  • Day 2 will feature a history lesson of the convention from 1995 to its current edition
  • On day 3 we will be taking a look back at all the great moments of E3’s past.
  • On day 4 we will be presenting our predictions for this years conference.
  • Day 5 will feature a special edition of our weekly games countdown, were we take a look at the most anticipated games of E3 2009.
  • On Day 6 we will post a recap of the Microsoft press conference.
  • And finally on Day 7 we will recap both Nintendo and Sony’s press conferences.

So Here We Go…

E3 Title 1


  Has it been a year already? With E3 2009 just around the corner, we hop in our time travel machine and bring back the highlights of last year’s conference.

Microsoft Recap

  Microsoft’s press conference was a mish-mash of both core game announcements and casual games. Titles like Gears Of War 2, Resident Evil 5, Fable II and Fallout 3 all got demos released and more family centered games like You’re In The Movies got hilarious (more for the awkward presentation then the actual game) on stage demos and 1 Vs. 100 was announced as exclusive for the Xbox Live Arcade. The new Xbox Dashboard was also announced, and showcased the avatars, Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Mii’s and Sony’s Home avatars. Characters that you can customize in your own way and play as in certain games, like the afor-mentioned 1 VS. 100. Also a partnership with Netflix was revealed, allowing Xbox 360 users to download tv shows and movies to their consoles. Square-Enix also had a huge presence at Microsoft’s press conference, announcing strong support for the platform. But the announcement that killed the internet was that Final Fantasy XIII was no longer Playstation 3 exclusive in North America and Europe. Now that’s a show stopper! We end the Microsoft recap with that faithfull moment in gaming history, where Microsoft and Square-Enix made millions of Sony fanboys cry out in terror.

Sony Recap

  Sony had alot to prove going into E3 2008. The Playstation 3 was last in sales, the PSP was struggling against the Nintendo DS and just the day before Microsoft added what was arguably the biggest third-party exclusive to its roster. So how would Sony respond? With incredible looking games of course! The show opened with a demo of an early level in Resistance 2, where you fight a giant enemy high above the skyscrapers of Chicago, and the games just kept coming, Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty, God Of War III (expect it to be the game for Sony at this year’s show.) and MAG: Massive Action Game, with its incredible 256 online players at once, were all show stoppers for Sony. Also announced was that downloadable movies would be available on the PSN. But they didn’t forget about the PSP either, announcing Resistance: Retribution, a game which has since gone on to become one of the handheld’s best titles. Sony definitely put there best foot forward last year, and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve for us this year. We end the Sony recap with that incredible trailer of Resistance 2 that blew us all away.

Nintendo Recap

  E3 2008 is probably the one Nintendo fans would like to forget, but we did get some interesting and fun games announced as well innovative new products. A day before their press conference Nintendo showed off both Wii Motion Plus and Wii Speak. Motion Plus gives the Wii remote exact 1 to 1 movement, which is shaping up to be a great addition to games like Tiger Wood 10 and Red Steel 2. Wii Speak is Nintendo’s version of the headsets provided by Sony and Microsoft, the difference is that it sits on top of the Wii’s sensor bar and acts as a sort of community microphone. So far not many games utilise it but the upcoming first person shooter The Conduit hopes to change that and prove that the device is a worthy investment. Nintendo’s press conference started off promising enough with a live demo of Shaun White’s Snowboarding using the Balance Board. Then several demos of Call Of Duty: World at War, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels and Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars for the DS. Wii Sports: Resort was also shown as the first game to use Wii Motion Plus, and (the surprisingly fun and addictive) Animal Crossing: City Folk was also revealed, showing off the online and Wii Speak functionality. Then at the closing of the show, the lights go dark, smoke rises from the stage, this is it, the next Zelda, Kid Icarus, Metroid whatever game, here it is, it’s… Wii Music? Words cannot express my feelings towards that reveal so I’ll let this video speak for me.

  This concludes our 1st day of E3 coverage, but come back because we have 6 more days jam packed with E3 related topics and articles!


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    Love it, will be watching for more, nicely done alex!

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