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Stephen Harper Crapped His Pants

21 May 2009 by: Frederick Carle 3 Comments


This past year Stephen Harper realized how bad his party really is and on top of that Michael Ignatieff became the new leader of the Liberal party. Ignatieff brings a new political vision to Canada and people are starting to like it. I can’t say that I’m big fan of the Liberals but I can say that it’s growing on me.

If you watched TV recently you probably saw the new ad campaign by the Conservatives trying to bring down Michael Ignatieff. You can clearly see with this commercial that Stephen Harper crapped his pants when he realized that someone who’s got more culture than him will take his seat in the next election. I also would like to remind you that Harper is trying to cut on Canadians culture. This means censorship in music, movies, theater and art. He’s tying to restrain us from expressing ourselves. Canadians need to realize that the word conservative also refers to restraint…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! This is a free country where we earned our rights. With Harper we are heading straight in the opposite direction.

Stephen Harper is also trying to say that Canadians who work or have worked outside the country are less Canadian because of that. This means that military personnel out in Afghanistan are less Canadian. That is bull f*$%ing shit!!!

Now I invite you to watch this advertisement from the Conservative party and I also invite you to laugh at Stephen Harper for being stupid enough to come up with such a retard idea.

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  • Alex St-Amour said:

    Now I voted for Stephen Harper's Conservative Party Of Canada in the last federal election and while I strongly disapprove of his censorship policies towards artists I dont think he is saying that people who worked outside of Canada are less 'canadian', in the commercial you can clearly see Ignatieff reffering to the USA as 'his country' now while this dosen't denounce Canada it also dosen't promote it, you wouldent see, for example, Barack Obama calling Canada his country, as that would massively hurt his standing among his own people. And to the point about Canadian soldiers serving overseas (God bless them) I really dont think it's the same thing has the Ignatieff comment, those soliders never called Afghanistan 'their country' their over there fighting for us, for our freedoms and to make the world a safer place, not to adopt Afghanistan as their homeland the way Ignatieff did for 34 years in the US of A.

    This is a standard political ad campaign, (and a particularly good one, from an advertising stand point), the Liberals will fire back with one just as nasty, so will the NDP and every other party looking to make some headway in Canadian politics. Nasty commercials denouncing your opponenent arent new, and in a few weeks time Im sure we will be having the same discussion about the Liberals attack on the Conservatives.

  • fredcarle (author) said:

    the liberals wont be doing attacks such as this one. This is a really retard commercial and yes Alex he is saying that Canadians working out of the country are not as Canadian.

    If you would have been out of the country for a certain amount of time such that you could have dual citizenship I'm sure you would call this country your country too. That does not make you less Canadian. Your heart can still be truly Canadian.

    If I were to live in the states for a while I would also call it my country since I would of paid taxes just like any other citizen of the country.

    Now showing such a commercial is only showing how the conservatives have nothing good to offer except disgraceful opinion of their opponent.

    And this is not the way to make headway in politics anymore. People want change. They want a safe future for their kids. They want a government that can do the job unlike the conservatives. They want a sustainable way of life (which conservatives really dont know how to do so).

    I respect Michael Ignatieff even though he lived in the states as I respect any other respectful Canadians.

    And to finish, this is the worst commercial i've ever seen.

  • J-DOG said:

    Michael Ignatieff, in it for himself eh?! Hmmm, I wonder who it was that tried to cut an equality program for men and women's wages a few months ago? And who also refused to put the budget in a deficit, along with wanting cuts to all of the other political parties?… Of wait, Harper did that! He is in it for himself as much if not more so than Mr. Ignatieff. Face it guys, its all political bullshit, ads are being played for attacks instead of what the parties are doing well, it wont ever change. I haven't seen these Ignatieff attack ad's… but it doesn't really matter, whether Harper or Ignatieff wins the next election, we all get fooled again (like the song).

    By the way Fred, you said you wanted change and safety for your kids, since a few weeks ago a few different stories have come up about kids being taken away by schools and police because the kids have bruises. Active kids with bruises on their shins… they play soccer… instead they blamed the parents and tried to force the kids to “admit” it was their parents. It even went so far that 2 police officers made one of the young girls (8 years old i believe) have to disrobe in front of them and a few school admin's to show the bruises… some change…some safety… not really. This in Obama's (“change”) term… it's not his fault, but if thats the way our “safety” is going we might as well get the government to put up some fences around all our yards that is electrified to prevent runaways, and implat those famous GPS chips in newborn's so we can see exactly where everyone is at all times…

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