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[12 Jun 2009 | 3 Comments | 11,201 views]
Megan Fox Bikini Video From GQ

A sexy behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood’s new favorite temptress.

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[8 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments | 13,602 views]
Local Palooza Bikini Contest

Distraktion Magazine went to Local Palooza in Ottawa on June 6. The event was a blast. 3 beach volley-ball court, a bunch of music bands including Mobile from Montreal.
The best part of the day was the bikini contest. You can have a look for yourself in the video.

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[8 May 2009 | No Comment | 7,241 views]
Obama’s First 100 Babes By COED Magazine

This one is great. After the media covering the first 100 days of Obama being president, COED Magazine decided to give you the top babes of every day since Obama got inaugurated.
I think this is quite refreshing. I mean I’m glad Obama is president and it’s great to hear about what he does but I think the media is doing too much.
Now if CNN had presented each of these women for every day since Obama took office, maybe I would watched their crap more often. Now take a minute and …

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[6 May 2009 | No Comment | 6,339 views]
Miss Megan Fox In The Spotlight

If there’s one girl that can make a movie about robots falling out of the sky sexy, it’s Megan Fox. With Transformer 2 coming out this summer we can expect big things from Megan. Although Transformer was a great movie, Megan really gave it that little twist and a big boost in the hotness department.

Megan began acting and modeling at the age of 13 after winning several awards at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Megan made her film debut as “Brianna Wallace” in …

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[2 May 2009 | 6 Comments | 89,265 views]
Top 10 Hottest Women From Britain

Here in North-America we have a bunch on very hot celebrities that we see over and over again in different media. Unfortunately we don’t see enough of whats going on overseas. This is why I decided to give you the top 10 hottest women from Britain.
You have to understand that this list is my opinion and you may not agree with it. But I’m sure you can still enjoy the beauty of these women.
When creating this list I used a few sources but like many lists that include women, Gunaxin …

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[28 Apr 2009 | One Comment | 17,270 views]
The Guy Show

This past weekend we dropped by the Ottawa Guy Show. Like the name says, it’s a GUY show. And what can you see when you attend a guy show? Lots of cool stuff!
Probably the best part of the show was when I was around the lovely ladies from Lamborghini Energy drinks. Of course I was prepared for this so as you can see in the picture below, I had my best shirt for the occasion.

The next best thing was the F1 race car simulator. Everything about this toy is awesome. …

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[5 Apr 2009 | 5 Comments | 3,450 views]
Craziest, Jump Rope, Ever.

Think boxers have some impressive jump rope skills? Watch this!

Photo : Flickr 1

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[4 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments | 183,829 views]
41 Really Hot Pictures From Facebook

Even if I’m not a big fan of Facebook, I can still enjoy it for this particular reason… HOT PICS. The Chive, which is my favorite photo blog, dressed up a list of 41 photos of hot girls from Facebook. Although we always hear that you have to be careful of what you post on Facebook and other social media sites, I still believe that pictures like these should never be questioned.
So now go grab yourself a towel or something so you don’t drool on your keyboard and check out …

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[31 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | 38,238 views]
Top 5 Sexiest Hot-Girl Prank

I found this one on COED Magazine but they had the top 10 and I’ve decided to narrow it to a top 5. Its the top 5 Pranks by very hot and sexy girls. I would say that I’d rather be pranked by a hot chick than by one of my guy friend and specially if your going to look like a dumbass on camera. So I hope you enjoy this list.
5. Sexy Mini Skirt Prank

4. Big Sexy Boobs Prank

3. Smokin’ Hot Girl Train Car Prank

2. Sexy Secretary Prank

1. Hot …

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[30 Mar 2009 | No Comment | 13,425 views]
Natural Boobs Enhancement

After natural male enhancement here comes natural boobs enhancement. It is said that doctors in England expect this new trend to become available for all by the end of the year. We specify for all because its currently a method used to repair the damage caused by breast cancer.
The technique for natural enlargement uses both cells and fat from woman’s stomach or thigh to increase her cup boob size. There as been other attempts that used fat from other body parts to increase boobage but all have failed. The reason …