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[24 May 2009 | No Comment | 2,350 views]
Most Complete Guitarist (Blues, Jazz, Rock)

I had never heard of this man before today, and I was just taken aback by the amount of talent and genius it takes to be able to know so many genres of music all the while keeping tremendous feel and speed in his playing. To me this display puts Steffen Schackinger among the absolute best in the world. This guitarist is just so musical in his playing, it can actually be called music for once. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Vibrato, Feel, Emotion, “drool”, Envy… He’s the best player you’ve never heard of… yet.

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[2 May 2009 | 2 Comments | 2,981 views]
360 Thursday Artist : JW-Jones

In case you didn’t know, the blues can be found at the base of almost every music genre there exists today. That is why our featured artist this week is a musician and a pure blues master.

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[10 Apr 2009 | One Comment | 5,063 views]
Great Guitar Lesson

This is David Taub from next level guitar. You can find him on the next level guitar website giving really great lessons and some find there way to youtube. Here’s a great lesson in picking and speed techniques. Enjoy!

Photo : Flickr 1

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[26 Mar 2009 | 4 Comments | 233,683 views]
360 Thursday Artist: Eric Johnson

Starting this week, every thursday 360 blog will feature an artist. Some you might know, others you might not. We are always open to suggestions for upcoming posts so if you have any artists you would like to see featured please let us know either by contact or by comment at the bottom of the page.
History and Discography
This week we are going to dig into music to find our featured artist. This man has never played in a band really worth noting other than his own that …

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[18 Mar 2009 | 5 Comments | 8,945 views]
Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos

The final installment of my 3 part series of top guitar solos. So far the list has stacked up as follows :
30. Altitudes – Jason Becker
29. Soothsayer – Buckethead
28. La Grange – ZZ Top – Billy Gibbons
27. Flying in a blue dream – Joe Satriani
26. Civil war – Guns n’ Roses – Slash
25. Little wing – Stevie Ray Vaughan
24. Beat it – Michael Jackson – Eddie Van Halen – Jennifer Batten
23. Cliffs of dover – Eric Johnson
22. Bohemian rhapsody – Queen – Brian May
21. One – Metallica – Kirk …

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[17 Mar 2009 | One Comment | 4,041 views]
Top 30 Guitar Solos : Part 2

The second of 3 installments, this one features the 11-20 songs on the top 30 greatest solo list.
20. You shook me all night long

AC/DC came up with this great rock n’ roll anthem, a tribute to the showman, Angus Young.
19. Rest in peace

Another great underrated guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. He’s also done a version of “flight of the bumblebee”.
18. Romeo and juliet

Part 1

Part 2
You can’t not appreciate the guitar work on this cover (originally by Dire Straights). Monte Montgomery is simply a guitar god, a fretboard magician.
17. While my …

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[17 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | 4,388 views]
Top 30 Guitar Solos : Part 1

Introducing the first ten solo’s for my all-time greatest guitar solo list. So that’s from 21-30 for this segment.
30. Altitudes

One of Jason Becker’s best in his limited career.
29. Soothsayer

The Famous Buckethead!
28. La Grange

ZZ Top’s most famous solo. Listen to the great tone’s from that gibson guitar.
27. Flying in a blue dream

A Joe Satriani great.
26. Civil war

Guns n’ Roses’ Slash pulls out a great one here.
25. Little wing

This song has been covered by so many artists. The Original is by Hendrix but this one from Stevie Ray …

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[14 Mar 2009 | 3 Comments | 6,490 views]
Top 10 Solo guitarists

The radio was a great invention for music. Today we can listen to all types of music anytime. Some of that great music can feature some pretty darn good musicians like Jimmy Page (Led Zepplein) or Slash (Saul Hudson, Velvet Revolver, formerly of Gun’s N’ Roses). However some great music has been written by some really great musicians, but their hits may never even hit the air waves. I decided to round up a list of my top ten players who have made a living, being …

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[13 Mar 2009 | 3 Comments | 8,337 views]
Top 10 Innovative Guitarists

Here we are not only showing skill, but innovation. Ever player on here left a mark, a new one that is, in guitar history.
10. Yngwie Malmsteen
This man singlehandedly brought neo-classical guitar on to the rock scene. He shred his way into our hearts.

9. Steve Vai
He made his guitar talk, and he played and fought through the grunge years. He made everything look easy through every style he has tried.

8. Jimmy Page
He could play anything with strings. He would even solo with a violin bow.

7. Tom …

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[10 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | 11,124 views]
Fender: A Legacy

Since 1938 a man named Clarence Leonidis “Leo” Fender had been working on repairing all kinds of electronic devices such as radios, home audio amplifiers and even musical instrument amplifiers. As time went on though, Leo became more interested in musical instruments and the flaws in them. He was soon able to not only fix those flaws but improve them or customize them. People started to take notice as he and Clayton Orr “Doc” Kauffman (another electronics enthusiast) started to design and sell these instruments. Although …